ZIP/POP/CHOP – 5 minutes with French pop punk band Stupid Karate

Is Lille in Northern France a hotbed of zany-pop-punk bands ? After a previous blog featuring Bare Teeth (Hungry Like Wolves, September 3rd) Next up to get in touch were Jackie Chan fans Stupid Karate. Denis (bass) Theo (vocals) Stephane (guitar) and Mathieu (drums) formed the band late last year.



I asked Denis who thought of the name Stupid Karate ? ‘The name doesn’t mean anything. All the good band names are taken so we used a name maker website to get some suggestions. Some of them were brilliant. Stupid Karate came out and we loved it ! How can we not ? I mean, we are just 4 dudes here to have some fun, fun, fun together. We love karate movies from the 1980’s and the great Jackie Chan is our soulmate. Stupid Karate is an absolute perfect fit for us !

‘We listen to a lot of different music but I’d say our main  influences are the sounds of Dead Kennedys, The Damned, Ramones, The Cramps and Napalm Death…there is more we like but we don’t want to drop too many names. We just enjoy playing really fast songs’.


Have you recorded any of your tracks ? ’Actually we recorded our first and second EP at the Beat Boutik Studio here in Lille. The sound engineer Nico, is the drummer of The Lumberjack Feedback he is a really cool dude and a good musician ! He also recorded the ep’s by two of our favorite punk bands in Lille, Jodie Faster and Barque. Our 2nd EP Punk is a Free Pricing Corpse was mixed and mastered by Simon Herbaut’.


There is a few of your video’s up on You Tube. How do you produce them, are they self made or do you use a production company ? ‘We work with photographer Jonathan Skorupski and Sysken to help us put them together. They have a lot of really crazy ideas. Don’t ask me why, but they are always OK to make dumb videos with us. They are our stupid angels I guess. We have great fun making them’.

After playing dates in late 2016 the band went on their first tour in January 2017…’Well it was only a short tour with hardcore punk Ed Warner. It was our very first tour and we had an absolute blast ! Ed Warner are as good as they are whacky. You cannot imagine a better band to play with if you’re into beer and doing stupid things. We are currently working on a tour for the end of this year and a full tour early 2018. Can’t wait !


The band can be contacted at or on facebook and tumblr.

Interview by Gary Alikivi September 2017.


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