EURO ROCK – 5 minutes with Now or Never guitarist Ricky Marx

‘When I started in music we did shows at schools and festivals in the Geneva area, but when I joined Pretty Maids, the audience went from 500 to 5,000…and we were using up to 60k !


Pretty Maids are a melodic hard rock band formed in Denmark in 1981. In 1987 they were on the German Monsters of Rock festival with Ratt, Dio, Metallica and Deep Purple. After signing to CBS and having successful albums the band went through numerus personnel changes. Ricky talks about his time in Pretty Maids… ‘In the late 80’s and 90’s I recorded 2 albums and toured around the world with them. We mostly headlined shows but also toured with Alice Cooper and Deep Purple. My first Japan tour in 1990 was huge and thanks to UDO the promoter we were treated like The Beatles! It was a long way from when I got my first instrument at 14 and recorded with our drummer Ranzo at 17. We recorded at the Mountain Studio in Montreux with the band Sultan, the EP was produced by David Richards’.
(Nerd alert: David Richards was a British born musician, engineer and record producer based in Switzerland. During the 1980’s/90’s he worked with an impressive list of artists including Queen, David Bowie and Iggy Pop).


How did your current band Now or Never come about ? ‘The drummer Ranzo and I formed Now or Never in 2012. We brought in vocalist Jo Amore who used to be frontman for French metallers Nightmare. Then bassist Kenn Jackson who I knew from Pretty Maids. We’ve all been in the music industry for over 30 years now so music from all decades has been an influence and we are big fans of Journey, Van Halen and AC/DC. We recorded our first album in France with Pat Liotard which got some good reviews in the rock press. Then recorded another album with Pat and released II in 2016 on Mighty Music worldwide’. II has had a very good responce everywhere and reviews up to 10/10!!!


What were your experiences of recording ? ’One of the memorable recording studio sessions I have done was for Pretty Maids in 1990. That was in PUK studio in Denmark. The album was called Jump the Gun and was produced by Roger Glover of Deep Purple. I remember that Ian Paice came to record some drums as our drummer had a car accident and unable to finish the recordings. Watching him play on our songs was just amazing’.
(Nerd alert: Jump the Gun was the band’s third studio album. It was released April 1990 in Europe by CBS. In the US, the title was changed to Lethal Heroes and was released by Epic. According to CBS, it was the most expensive album recording to date in Denmark. Jump the Gun was very successfull in Japan).


What are the future plans for Now or Never ? ‘We have dates with Lords of Black and Voodoo Circle for Germany, Holland and Belgium during September Then we have shows lined up in France in October and January.  We hope to see you all there and kick some serious asses together !!!


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Interview by Gary Alikivi August 2017.