TOMORROW STARTS TODAY for French punk/metal band Bare Teeth (E.P. review)

France was on my mind back in ’82. They played one of the best international football games I’ve seen, a 3-3 draw in a World Cup semi final against Germany. The album Repression by punk/metal band Trust was never off the turntable. Alright that was only two things but fast forward to 2017 and the postman drops through the letterbox a copy of First the Town, then the World EP by punk/metal band Bare Teeth. It’s always good when the lyric sheet is included and a list of production details which are sometimes overlooked.


An introduction to the band on an earlier blog (Hungry Like Wolves, September 3rd) reveals the 4 piece are from Lille in Northern France. Greg (guitar & vocals) “We are really big fans of bands like Blink 182 and NOFX, but we also dig thrash/metal and hardcore music. We don’t really like putting labels on music, especially ours”. I wouldn’t dream of it either Greg but that sound is at the core of this album. A quick check on NOFX and yes I can hear a big influence. Pardon my French but you could call it gros son. Straight out the starting gate it’s all out attack. The EP continues on this road until ‘Parted Ways’ about a lost friendship… ‘We’ve parted ways since then, we said friends till the end. We’ve never imagined how we could have grown that old’. There is no pause for breath with stand out track ‘These Towns Need Guns’ with the chorus ’Remember that weapons don’t kill but a man does. It’s just someone who pulls the trigger. One more prayer for the fallen before you claim these towns need guns’… A plea for peace and disarmament around the world ? Indeed that’s the way to go but unfortunately world leaders haven’t heard this song with the closing line…’Let’s raise our voice so loud bullets remain silent’…great addition those lyric sheets. Leading into the closing acoustic track ‘Behind the Wall’.
Greg talked about the meaning behind the song “The song is both a reference to the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain. I had the opportunity to tour several times in Central and Eastern Europe, these countries are way poorer than France. People from these countries lived a very different youth than ours, but we’ve all united through music. That’s incredible”.

‘First the Town, Then the World’ clocks in at just under 30 minutes, with the EP recently released in Japan, Bare Teeth are spreading the word. Their new single ‘Tomorrow Starts Today’ is taken from the EP. Greg (guitar/vocals. below 3rd left) explains… ’This song is about dedication, motivation and commitment. In short, get your fingers out of your asshole – as we say in France. Chase your dreams, make them happen, be proud of yourself and be confident about what you do!’


’Tomorrow Starts Today’ music video is out now. The new EP ‘First the Town, Then the World’ is available on Digipack CDs, 12″ vinyl and in all digital formats.

Gary Alikivi September 2017.


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