GET YER ROCK ON – 5 minutes with UK hard rock band Bigfoot


Bigfoot were formed in Wigan in 2014. After releasing 2 EP’s they signed to Frontiers Records and recorded their debut album. Lead vocalist Antony Ellis takes up the story… ‘We all enjoy studio time, obviously during recording there’s a few disagreements but it’s part of the parcel and by the end everything works out for the best and everyone’s buzzing. The ideas for songs can come from anywhere really, from a real life event or from a storyline that one of us has made up, whatever helps capture the energy’.

And energy they have, in buckets, big buckets. Bigfoot have a big sound, big rock guitars, big drums and big teeth. What did you expect ? If the singer spoke to you in a whisper it would still sound big. He has a voice that demands to be heard. The band have a sound like 80’s Canadian rockers Helix with a bit of Ozzy in the mix. All ballsy stompers and blistering guitar solo’s from a bunch of greasy motorbike mechanics tracking an episode from Sons of Anarchy. They turn it down a notch for album track ‘Forever Alone’ while not quite sitting around the campfire, but a bluesy ballad.
Their debut was released on 13th October and to support the album the band are heading out on a UK tour in November. They have already toured the UK extensively and appeared at festivals alongside the likes of The Darkness, Rob Zombie, Black Label Society, Thunder & Saxon. How did Bigfoot get started on the live circuit ? ‘When Bigfoot got together we inquired with promoters and venues who we’d worked with in the past in our previous bands. Then we built our following and gained support slots with the likes of SOTO, Black Spiders, Focus and in November we support Tyketto’.
Have you played in many towns/countries for the first time ? ‘We recently played Germany in a town called Wassauberg, think that’s how you spell it haha. The gig was Escape Open Air we had a great time and made a lot of new fans from that one’.

The band have quite a wide range of influences from The Eagles, Pantera, Extreme and Metallica. Are there any other musicians/bands who you admire ? ’I admire anybody who can get up and play/sing to be honest. On a vocal level I’d definitely say that Otis Redding inspired me throughout my singing journey. The feel and energy he put into his singing just shone out to me’.
How did you get involved in music ? ‘I started singing in a school choir before even thinking about a band it was just one of the classes we had to do. I didn’t realise I’d enjoy it as much as I did. Then one night I watched Nickelback on TV and knew I wanted to be in a rock band’.


Bigfoot are Antony Ellis on vocals, lead/rhythm guitarists Sam Millar and Mick Mccullagh. Bass is Matthew Avery and Tom Aspinall on drums. In their short time together Bigfoot have filmed a few music videos.. ‘Yes we’ve quite a few videos on you tube that are worth checking out. One in particular was for our single The Fear that we released under Frontiers Records’.
I did check out ‘The Fear’ and the chorus has… ’Cos I gave all I got to the fear, of living in the real world, it’s a fight to survive but I’m here’ ….. Music video’s for ‘Run’, ‘The Other Side of Paradise’ and already mentioned ‘The Fear’ all capture the energy of the band using live camera work, fast cutting, moody lighting and smoke machines. Don’t expect a storyline just focus on watching the band rip it up.
What are the future plans for Bigfoot ? ‘Try and get out as much as we can and in turn making our feet bigger’.
Bigfoot are out on tour in November starting on 2nd in Stoke, Cardiff 3rd, Cannock 4th then coming up north to South Shields on Bonfire night. Glasgow is on 9th, Sheffield 11th, the Winterstorm Festival on 24th including Heavy Pettin’, Bernie Marsden, Praying Mantis then finally Edinburgh on the 25th.


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Interview by Gary Alikivi October 2017.


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