NEW YORK GROOVE – 5 mins with American hard rock band Adorn the Wicked


Adorn the Wicked are an established hard rock band from New York City, USA. Vocalist Kerry Lewis takes a break for 5 minutes and introduces the band….‘I have done Broadway and been onstage with established musicians including Frank Ferrerr from Guns n Roses and performed at the Oz Fest. Our drummer Juan originally from Uruguay has worked with bands Beledo and Sea Kelp on the New York scene. Hector on guitar is self taught and performing since the age of 12 and Danny on bass has played on the rock and punk scene for over 20 year. Amongst our influences are a real mix of Guns n Roses, Metallica, Frank Zappa, Buddy Guy, Prince, Avenged Sevenfold, Pearl Jam and many more. Our band is a fine blend of Guns n Roses meets Ozzy in a dark alley, behind a whorehouse with a bottle of Jack and some charley! I saw Juan (drums) with Sea Kelp and asked him to jam with us. He heard our EP Angels & Demons, and learned 3 songs in about two hours – he smoked it! And that’s pretty much how we got together. This band learns songs at warp speed too. We just played the Guns n Roses after party in October. People were blown away. They came and said ‘WOW you guys are great, how long have you been together?’ I said ‘only about 4 or 5 months!


When did you get involved in music ? ‘When I was in grade school my music teacher heard me sing and started putting me in live shows. Dancing girls, musicals, I was hooked. I was 10 or 11? I was so young. I was on a local tv station for an amateur contest and came first’.

Angels & Demons is the title of your new EP, where was it recorded ?Angels & Demons was recorded by Chris Bucko, who is amazing. We recorded in Planet Studio which is in the basement of 251 West 30th Street in Manhattan. It took us about 2 weeks to record, mix and master the EP. The studio has a good reputation as Prince has recorded there for sure, and a vast amount of his entourage’.


Have you any stories from playing gigs ? ‘Many but most I can’t tell. They’re a bit naughty in many ways. We lost two roadies while we where doing a show in the Midwest. They went to rob a 7/11 at gun point when some cops came in for coffee and donuts. Busted!

What’s in the future for ATW ? ‘We are on the road always check our site for the latest gig dates. The EP Angels & Demons is on all major digital sites, Apple, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google play & about 140 others. We are also getting airtime on quite a few radio stations as well. Please come by and support us when we play in your town. Love to see you there’.


Interview by Gary Alikivi October 2017.