SPANISH MARKS from Upside Down


Upside Down are a Spanish Pop/Punk band with a line up of Quique Martinez (vocals/guitar) David Sanz (drums) Alex Castellano (bass) and Angel Fernandez (guitar). How did the band get together ?… ‘We were all members of other bands some time ago and decided to start a new project in 2014. We all decided the name Upside Down because of the meaning of a new beginning. We each have different tastes in music but we love bands like Linkin Park, Arctic Monkeys, Paramore, Bring Me the Horizon and so much more’.


Where have the band gigged ? ‘Since the band started we have never stopped playing. We have shared the stage with international bands like ROAM on their way through Spain. We have played in cities like Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona, Valencia and Alicante’.

Where do you get ideas for your songs ? ‘Each of us has his own influences so everything we do comes from the mix of this diversity. And when we write the lyrics we write about personal experiences and we hope people can relate to them’.


The band plan on releasing their debut album ‘Scars Are Forever’ through Krod Records. What has been your experience of working in the studio ? ‘Going to the studio is always a revealing experience because you see how your ideas evolve and they turn into music. Each time we go to the studio we feel we learn something new and we strengthen the knowledge we already had’.

What is the meaning behind the title ’Scars are Forever’ ? ‘It means that every experience in life leaves a mark on you and these marks are the one’s that define who you are’.

To release the album they have launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance the recording, mixing and mastering costs for the production of the album.  ‘It’s a perfect system to help ideas to come true and to see that there’s people supporting your project before it’s released. Apart from getting the funding, we want people to feel they are an essential part of this project and also part of the creation process of Scars Are Forever’. (As a preview, the band recently released the first single Do I Still Miss You).

What is in the future for Upside Down ? ‘We will be making music, evolving as a band and our main objective for 2018 is to play abroad. Spain is great but we want to expand our music everywhere’.


You can contact the band on social media Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @upsidedownpunk

Interview by Gary Alikivi December 2017.