HAPPY TRAILS with songwriter Freddie Mazzucco


Mike Christmann, Nathalie Pellissier and Freddie Mazzucco.

After travelling around Europe and USA songwriter & guitarist Freddie Mazzucco is now based in Luxembourg. With vocalist Nathalie Pellissier and guitarist Mike Christmann the acoustic trio are performing as Angel’s Whisper, and Freddie was keen to point out that the band are now preparing to tour…’At this moment we are actually auditioning bass players and drummers for the upcoming concerts with the full electric band’.

Was there a defining moment when you said ‘I want to do that’ was it watching a band or hearing a song ? ‘It was the first time I heard All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix, I said to myself ‘This is it! This is what I wanna do!

When did you start playing gigs and what venues did you play ? ‘I played gigs in the early 70s, with friends, doing mostly Deep Purple, Led Zep covers and then playing with many other bands in the French Riviera. We played pop, rock, fusion, anything with guitars, bass and drums. I moved to the USA in 1983, played with many bands from New York and New Jersey. I toured a lot in Europe too – Spain, France, London. Actually when I was touring Spain, it was with Krish Black Eagle, a soul-rock singer part Afro-American and native Cherokee. A great singer whom I met in New York in 1987. I played many years with him and recorded songs in New York City at Unique Studio in Manhattan. I recorded in London as well, I don’t remember the name of the studio (Ron Tom I think) played in many places with him as a guitarist’.

Who are your influences and are there any other bands you admire today ? ‘Big influences are mostly bands from the 80’s and 90’s like Toto, Europe, Giant, Whitesnake, Amanda Marshall, Mother’s Finest… too many to mention. Now I really like the new AOR scene! Bands like Revolution Saints, Gotthard, Journey and Nickelback.’


Where do the ideas come for your songs and have you recorded any lately ? ’Most of my writing comes from what I went through in my life whether it was positive or negative experiences. I’ve played a lot in recording studios, in New York, London, French Riviera, Belgium and Sweden. I just love being in recording studios, I feel at home, recording, producing, creating. I have an album under the band name Isis Child called Strange Days that came out 5 years ago. Recorded by Gerald Jans at Noise Factory Studios in Belgium and mixing and mastered by Pelle Saether, singer from the band Grand Design. That was in Sweden at Studio Underground’.


’The style of music is AOR Classic rock. We had a lot of airplay all over Europe and Japan, pretty good press with the press-book. About 2 years ago we had to change the band’s name because of  ISIS in the Middle East and we are now Angel’s Whisper. I’ve written and composed the next album and as soon as I have the full band of 2 guitars, bass, drums and keyboards we’re going back in the studio for the recording. It will be in the same vein, just a little more heavy on the guitars and drums. I might go to Denmark for the mixing this time’.

Have you recorded any TV appearences or filmed any music videos ? ‘There’s a video on You Tube called I Love the Way to give you an idea of what Angels Whisper sounds like’.

What are the future plans for Angels Whisper ? ‘The future plans are many. A new album is already composed and written, that is in the making. Then all the promotion, videos, and gigs to be arranged. Yeah pretty busy’.


Mike Christmann, Nathalie Pellissier and Freddie Mazzucco.

Interview by Gary Alikivi November 2017.