OVER THE MOUNTAIN – with French heavy metal band Tentation


This blog has featured a number of French bands – Bare Teeth, Stupid Karate and Hightower. The latest band to get in touch are from the region of the Pyrenees Mountains in Southern France. They live in a small Catalan town called Torreilles. With the population only 3,000, but home to heavy metal band Tentation. The bassist Guillame Pastor got in touch…‘In the beginning of 2012 at an after-party of our association with Pyrenean Metal Festival, Patrice (vocals) Guillaume (guitar) and me decided ‘We want to do that’ After a couple of months Laurent (drums) joined the band and the heavy metal of Tentation was born’.

Who are your influences ? ‘Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Rock Goddess, Grim Reaper and bands from the NWOBHM. Plus the 80’s/90’s French band’s Sortilege, H-bomb, Malediction and Blaspheme. For Patrice our vocalist his influences are Zouille from Sortilege and Iñaki from the Spanish band Exodo’.


When did Tentation start gigging ?  ‘Our first concert was in our hometown in Torreilles on the 29 March 2014 for the Heavy Metal Night of Pyrenean Metal. For our first long distance gig we travelled over 200 mile west of Torreilles to play in Tarbes with our friends Iron Slaught. That was two great experiences. We are based just 30 minutes from the Spanish border so we played in Murcia and Barcelona, then in Belgium for the No Compromise Festival. We’ve also gigged around France in Rennes, Paris, Avignon, Lyon and Dijon’.


What were your experiences of recording ? ‘We might not be the tightest band and don’t record to a click but only play with passion and feeling. In 2015 we recorded our first EP and sent the songs Bruixes, L’épreuve du Sang, Valhalla, Spectre de Lumière, Temps de Prière and Double Bang (H-Bomb Cover) to the Cochise Studio in Tucson in USA for the mix and mastering. Record Labels Impious Desecration and Inferno Records released it’.


Did you film any TV appearences ? ‘We have never played on TV but we have filmed a music video for our first song Bruixes (Witches in English). We plan to film a new music video for our song Shaman’.

What are the future plans for Tentation? ‘Last month we recorded a split EP with our friends Iron Slaught. This will be released at the beginning of 2018 by Impious Desecration Records and Triumph Of Death Records.
Up to now we have arranged 4 gigs for next year. Colmar and Marseille in France and 2 others that we can’t announce yet. We are looking to arrange more’.


Interview by Gary Alikivi November 2017.


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