BOMB TRACKS – with Canadian death metal band Obsidian


Have you filmed any TV appearences or music videos ? ‘We had our song My War on commercial TV in Canada. We’ve done a music video for our song High Crimes and Treason from our second album Into Oblivion’…The track has an ominous start, death rattle drums with vocals like the devils breath. The video features former world leaders Stalin, Bush, Reagan all the usual suspects in the firing line of this visceral hate and anger. Obsidian won’t be invited to play out the credits of BBC TV’s mindnumbing progamme The One Show. So who are Obsidian ? Well they are a Canadian Death Metal band based in Vancouver who formed in 2013. I got in touch with vocalist and guitarist Jason…‘All of us in Obsidian, Aurélia (bass) Stefan (drums) Daniel (guitar & backing vocals) and me (vocals & guitar) have several different influences and a number of similar ones. Devin Townsend is one we all love, Strapping Young Lad, Gojira, Meshuggah to name a few. We are into all sorts of music from metal, jazz to classical and even hip hop. We all started playing music at a fairly young age. I started writing music and lyrics at a very young age, it’s been a passion from as far back as I can remember. I’m not sure if there was ever a defining moment of ‘I’ve got to do this’ but more of ‘I need to do this’.


When did you start playing gigs and what venues did you play ? ‘We started doing a number of local shows, we played our first show about 8 months after our first rehearsal. Later we started playing out of town shows, now we are planning longer out of town outings for 2018’.

Where do the ideas come for your songs ? ‘That’s a tough one to answer, sometimes it’s just things that happen in life. I write a lot of the ideas at home first, try to refine them and then we we work on them at our rehearsal space. Sometimes we write songs at our rehearsals, but we try to have ideas ready to go when we show up’.


What is your experience of recording/studio work ? ‘As a band we’ve recorded two full length albums. We have continually tried new things when we write songs. With our first album Time Erodes, we had more of a raw, in your face style. The second album Into Oblivion, we refined and added different elements within the songwriting. We are currently working on our third album and we feel we are taking another step forward with the songs’.


Have you any stories from playing gigs ? ‘After playing a festival and getting home last year, a friend got stranded. So I went back to pick him up, on the 8 hour drive to pick him up, my alternator in my van died. I had just enough cell service to phone a tow truck to pick me up. A $200 tow and $500 alternator later I was able to pick him up and get him home safely!’


What are the future plans for Obsidian ? ‘Right now we are finishing up our next album, then more shows, hitting new markets we haven’t played yet’.

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Interview by Gary Alikivi November 2017.

Gary Young, Young Blood, 17th September 2017.

Kat Gillham, Highway to Hell, 31st October 2017.