LITTLE DEVILS – 5 minutes with UK hard rock band Piston


Formed 2012 in Staffordshire UK, hometown of Slash, Lemmy and Glenn Hughes, hard rock band Piston are Rob Angelico (vocals) Jack Edwards & Luke Allatt (guitars) Stuart Egan (bass) and Brad Newlands (drums).
On the live circuit they already have an impressive track record. Supporting bands like The Temperance Movement, Sebastian Bach, Love/Hate and an acoustic show with Whitesnake and Def Leppard. They have featured in Classic Rock magazine and the single ‘Leave If You Dare’ was on the playlists of Kerrang and Planet Rock radio. Guitarist Jack Edwards takes up the story behind the songs…‘The ideas are generally a joint effort between myself and fellow guitarist Luke Allatt. It will usually start with one of us having a brief idea of a riff, then the idea gets torn apart and redone – about ten times haha – before becoming a riff. Then parts start to flow becoming the different sections of the track. Once a rough sketch is made for the track, we all head into rehearsal where drummer Brad Newlands will arrange the ideas to formulate a song. Once the track is roughly wrote it is recorded and sent to singer Rob Angelico to work on’.


Jack Edwards

How did you first start in music and who were your influences ? ‘I remember I wanted to play drums so I got behind a kit but it didn’t feel right or natural. I saw a local high school band and I was drawn to the guitar, I just thought it was the coolest instrument I had ever seen. I picked it up and it just felt right straight away, since then I’ve never looked back. Personally, my influences in music are based around the blues rock artists. I was always drawn to bands such as Guns N’ Roses, The Cult and anything with guitar based music. Hearing the opening chords of The Cult’s Lil Devil and the outro solos of G’n’R’s Paradise City influenced me from an early age. As a band Piston draw influences from artists such as AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, The Small Faces and everything up to new modern acts such as The Temperance Movement and Airbourne’.

When did you start playing gigs and what venues did you play ? ‘I personally started playing shows in high school bands, moving through to jam nights, to cover bands, to tribute acts then eventually writing my own music and putting together an original band which is now Piston. In 2017, Piston made their debut appearance in France to a sold out crowd and Scotland joining the Wildfire Festival lineup!


Any recording/studio work ? ‘For the new releases Piston have tracked everything organically. The music is played live together in a room and tracked that way’.
The music video for the single featured on Kerrang TV, ‘Leave If You Dare’ has a similar look to a band in an earlier post (Bigfoot, Get Yer Rock On, 29 October 2017). The energy of the performance is captured using fast flowing camera work, pull focus shots and some moody lighting. The song mixes AC/DC, Black Crowes and rubs shoulders with fellow UK hard rock band Bigfoot – but with a bit more swagger. On ‘Playing With Fire’ EP are 3 tracks Dark Angel, Playing With Fire and they cover a pneumatic version of Creedence Clearwater Revivals ‘Proud Mary’. Impressive stuff.


What are the future plans for Piston ? ‘RECORDING, TOURING, WORLD DOMINATION’… Starting 2018 they are on the bill at Giants of Rock with Hawkwind, Toto and Boston at Minehead on January 27th . The next day they are at The Robin in Bilston with The Quireboys and on February 17th they are in Wolverhampton and The Giffard Arms.

Interview by Gary Alikivi November 2017.


BIGFOOT: Get Yer Rock On, 29th October 2017.

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