DREAM ON – with Atticus Myst, lead guitarist of Belgian sleaze rockers Mr.Myst


‘While sitting here on my very cool porn-red sofa, drinking a Jack ‘n’ Coke I’ll give you the coolest interview ever!...OK  go ahead and give it your best shot…
‘My name is Mr. Atticus Myst and I’m the guitar player, songwriter and founder of the Belgium Sleaze rock ‘n’ rollin’ band Mr. Myst. On vocals we have Mr. JSD, on bass Mr. Demolition and on drums Mr. Pervert and he didn’t steal his name. We’re based in Ostend Rock City on the Belgian Coast’.

Who were your influences in music ? ‘I have a lot of influences in music. But I think Aerosmith and Guns ‘n’ Roses are the biggest. I’m a very big Slash and Joe Perry fan. If you talk about rock ‘n’ roll they are the main influences in all our songs. I also listen to a lot of very old Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Alice Cooper. The other day I’m in my Hardcore Superstar mood… In all my songs you can hear the influence of what I was listening to that day. No direct copy but just the thought “man why didn’t I wrote that riff it’s so cool”…
For example the song His Little Sister I was listening on a daily basis to Purple’s Burn while with Jack D (the first song for the upcoming record). I was listening to SlashStand Up’.

How did you get involved in playing music ? ‘That’s a funny story and totally Rock ‘n’ Roll. It was in 2004, I was 13 years old and my parents took me to an event called Night Of The Proms. That was the first time in my life I saw some real rockstars. That night I saw Joe Cocker, Zucchero, James Brown, John Miles. It was amazing. I told my mom when I grow up I want to be like them! She said “you’re crazy, just get a day job and make sure you can pay your bills”. She won, but 2 weeks after Night Of The Proms my grandmother bought my first guitar. And look at me now. I have a day job but I’ve played daily on my guitar since 2004. I played in bands since I was 18 and had a lot of fun so far! We all have those big dreams when we are kids, but the main part of playing in rock n roll bands is to have fun with people you can call more than friends!’


When did you start playing gigs and what venues did you play ? ‘I started in my first band Tyraniz when I was 17. We played Deathcore with female vocals and did a couple of small gigs but stopped 2 years later. Then I was in a Black Metal band called Asatru, cool band! We did the support once for Pretty Maids. (interview on this blog with Ricky Marx from Pretty Maids, Euro Rock September 15th 2017). It took me 4 gigs to know I didn’t want to play black metal but rock ‘n’ roll. Our bass player played Black Metal music as well in a band called Mortifer. Our drummer has a big career. He was in Spoil Engine for their first 2 records. Did some big festivals and support for Motorhead in Vorst National (Brussels).
Now with Mr. Myst we do a lot of gigs all over Belgium. Some big shows and a lot of club and bar gigs. We’ve played in Netherlands, France and Germany. This year we want to get to Spain, the UK, Austria and Switzerland’.


Where do the ideas come for your songs ? ‘It depends on the mood. Most of the songs are about woman. Real life experiences, from crazy and horny girls to break-ups. We have a ballad called Jessica based on the tv show True Blood. She was the beautiful redhead. His Little Sister was a song I wrote to mess with my best friends boyfriend. I dated his little sister for a couple of weeks. Stand Up is a song about women who think they can lead their man like a dog on a leash. While Jack D is about having a lot of fun and drinking Jack Daniels.’

What are your experiences of recording/studio work ? ‘We’ve had very good experiences with studios. The first CD I recorded by myself as we didn’t have money to buy studio time. Now we sold all copies in one year and went to somebody I knew that worked in Producing. The studio is called Shell Shock Studio and I can tell you, Pieter is a sweet and cool guy to work with. If he likes a part he’s excited, if he doesn’t like it he says maybe you have to change that part, it gets kinda boring. That was all fine by me, the only thing I didn’t like was he said maybe you should half that solo, it’s too long. Dude I was listening to Steve Vai that day… but he won. It sounds killer now!’


Have you recorded any TV appearences or filmed any music videos ? ‘We have 3 music videos running at this time. Jack D, Red Light District and Jessica. Red Light is the title track for the upcoming album. It’s the coolest video we have, we recorded most of that video in a real Sex Club. That was pretty awesome! We also once did a commercial for Spotify in one of the cellphone networks called Base. Just 3 seconds but hey we did it’.

Have you any stories from playing gigs ? ‘Where do we start, haha every gig is funny. In our early years our first drummer Mr. Animal ran away during the show. He said this is a shithole I don’t wan’t to play anymore. So we asked the crowd can somebody drum. The drummer from the band Ethernal Breath came to the stage and we just jammed out Breaking The Law by Priest and Paranoid by Sabbath. Even if there are 10 people in the crowd we play a show like we’re playing Download festival or something. At the end of December 2015 we did the support for the Quireboys. I had to admit, that was a stressfull night. Spike is like a big hero for me for years. When they arrived he came out of that van with a fur coat, bandana, eyeliner and a big smile saying “where’s the fucking venue”. Later that night we hung out with Spike, had a lot of drinks and he told us some big storys.’


What are the future plans for the band ? ‘Well first of all our CD released on the 24th of February 2018. We’ll do some shows for promotion and some summer fests. We hope to do a little tour around some countrys, a new music video and off course to have a lot of fun with the guys and crew, cause without them, I would just be a guitar player with a lot of tunes in my head!’

‘There you go man, maybe a lot of words, but no bullshit!’


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