ROAD TRIP with The Rocket


This blog has featured two bands from Belgium – WildHeart and Mr Myst. The third are pop punk band The Rocket, who are based in Aarschot.  Tom (vocals) Bastian (drums) Joris (bass) Frederik (synth) and Stijn (guitar) had a quick chat about  recording the new album and what impact the internet has had on music… ’The internet sure made it a lot easier to discover new music. These days, it doesn’t really matter anymore if you’re a band from L.A. or Nepal. If you’re on Spotify, everyone can hear your music. We don’t use crowdfunding or other online ways of getting financial support. We just put our heart in our music and hope people come to shows and buy our records’.

New single ‘Chain Reaction’ is very heavy on the pop and less of the punk…’We love using sweet melodies with in your face lyrics. Chain Reaction is definitely one of those. Let’s pretend we’re all loving the daily grind cause that makes life worthwhile, right? The general gist is that when it all goes to shit, it’s easy to start blaming everything and everyone but yourself. But more often than not, you have yourself to blame for bad things happening’.


An album is due out in April and was produced by Marc McClusky (Weezer, Motion City Soundtrack, Bad Religion)… It was great working with Marc. We learned a lot from him and he’s a very cool guy to boot. His approach to recording and songwriting really took us out of our comfort zone and had us look at our own songs from a different perspective. We were lucky enough to be able to record the better part of the album in our own home studio. Marc flew in from New York and we spent an intense two weeks together, working on the album and giving him a taste of Belgium and its Belgians. Before those two weeks of recording, we did a lot of pre-production. We sent demo’s back and forth so we had a pretty good idea of what everything would sound like before the recording started’.

Have you any plans to take this record out on the road ? ’Yes, definitely. We’ve got some shows lined up already, but we’re hoping to add more. We’re currently setting up a tour package for southern Europe together with F.O.D. for later this year. And we’re open to more suggestions’.

Interview by Gary Alikivi March 2018.


BARE TEETH: Hungry Like Wolves 3rd September 2017.

STUPID KARATE: Zip/Pop/Chop 14th September 2017.

HIGHTOWER: Anger is Our Energy 27th September 2017.

BARE TEETH: Tomorrow Starts Today 15th October 2017.

WILDHEART: Looks That Kill  2nd January 2018.

UPSIDE DOWN: Spanish Marks 3rd January 2018.

MR MYST: Dream On  26 January 2018.