SPACE CADETS – interview with David B from Electro Goth Punks Calling All Astronauts

With the Iggy/Sisters of Mercy match up they’ll hit you for three… ’Living the Dream’… ‘Empire’ and the expansive sound of ’Faith in Your Cause’. Just a couple of tracks released by the prolific Calling All Astronauts. In six years they have released 2 critically acclaimed albums and 11 singles. Received considerable radio play on BBC 6 Music and Radio X and built up a following of over 800,000 on Twitter…We take a stupid amount of time in the studio. The last album took over 2,000 hours to make. We are currently writing our third album’. (The line up is David B – vocals/programming, J – guitars and Paul McCrudden – bass)


What is the background of CAA ? ‘J toured loads when he was in Caffeine, supporting bands like The Offspring, Blink 182, Rancid, New Found Glory, The Dickies and AFI. Paul was in The Marrionettes they opened for The Cult, Sisters Of Mercy and headlined their own tours. I was in a rap metal band called US:UK. We played with the likes of Faith No More, Pop Will Eat Itself, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin and Gallon Drunk. With Calling All Astronauts we’ve mainly done festivals, though we did open for A Place To Bury Strangers and also Pop Will Eat Itself. I have plenty of stories from the gigs, but sadly none that I would put into the public domain’.

Where do the ideas come for your songs ? ’All our tunes start life as a drum pattern. We have our own studio and write as we go along, rather than jamming them out in a rehearsal studio. I have rolling news channels or Radio 4 on a lot, and take ideas from what is happening in the world’.

How did you get involved in playing music and who were your influences ? ‘I think every song I’ve ever heard has influenced me. I analyse drum tracks and production on all genres of music and use it in our songs. When I was about 16 we had a garage band, but never did any gigs. Just played in a room at my parents house. It was doomed to failure, but made me want to do it properly’.


How has the internet impacted on music and do you use crowdfunding ?  ’We don’t use it. I personally think they are like begging. The internet has destroyed independent music, and played right into the hands of the majors. They manufacture music more now than ever. They have fake streams, fake likes, fake followers and create artists by force feeding shit to kids via radio. It’s virtually impossible to sell records anymore thanks to streaming’.

Have you recorded any TV appearences or filmed any music videos ? ’We like abstract videos and make them all the time, although I think we are only in one of them’. (The video’s have a very colourful mix of cut up/montage/live action/lyric and social commentary. ‘Living the Dream’ is worth checking out and is available to view on the CAA You Tube channel.)


What are the future plans for Calling All Astronauts ? ‘The new EP took us almost 6 months to record because my wife and I had a baby and I had a lot of responsibilities to fulfill. We’ve recorded 4 versions of songs that have influenced us. The Influences EP is coming out on 30th March’.
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 Interview by Gary Alikivi February 2018.