OUT OF THE BLUE with French bands Breaky Boxes and September Again

After watching her beloved French team win the World Cup, who were easily the best team in the tournament, Valentine Kip got in touch. She helps run PR agency Distrolution. In the past year Valentine has promoted bands Bare Teeth, Hightower and The Rocket who have featured on this blog. The latest bands she is working with are September Again and Breaky Boxes… ‘I am very happy to announce that we have just signed with the French indie rock band Breaky Boxes. The band has not only released its debut EP, ‘From the Shelter’. But also won the huge ‘Sziget Festival France’ contest. ‘Breaky Boxes’ are very promising and I sincerely believe that they will be able to do great things, not only in France, but also abroad’. 

The band have been recording lately so I asked them how did that go ? ‘From the Shelter’ has a great meaning for us. The shelter we are talking about in the EP is a reference to our home. Everything that makes us a band comes from this shelter. Our house is really important to us. This is the place we live, where we compose music, the place we rehearse and record our tracks. It is between these walls that Breaky Boxes grows up and become something’.

Who are your influences ? Our main inspirations are bands like Mumford and Sons, Bear’s Den, The Lumineers, Sons of the East, or artists like John Mayer. Folk music is something big in the band, we try to make something new out of it. We listen to a lot of different music and try to keep the best of every kind and manage to put everything together and create Breaky Boxes’.

What are your future plans for the band ? ’We always try to think of tomorrow while living today. From the beginning of the band, we have always been planning something new. We are going to continue to tour all year long. We already played 170 shows in 3 years and we are not going to stop anytime soon. We love too much being on stage. We also plan on releasing our first album next year. It takes us a lot time because we really want to release something complete and that will matter. We want something to last. Before that, a new EP will come out in the beginning of 2019, with a new video clip in October 2018’.


Talk of Verane, Pogba and Mbappe are very much part of most conversations in France but the Distrolution agency and Valentine keep on working… ‘I’m really happy to announce that Distrolution has signed with the alternative rockers, September Again. The band unveiled on July 3rd 2018, a music video for their single ‘In Vitro’ from the band’s debut album Insomniac. It is available to watch on You Tube’. 

September Again’s bassist and vocalist Loïc Chanut got in touch….In  Vitro is a very special song for us. In fact, it was the first song composed by the band. It really laid the foundations of our identity. The album is very dark, because it was written during a rather hard and lonely period for some of us. In fact, I think the album oscillates permanently, between darkness and brighter passages, between clean and dirt. Maybe we are bipolar in the end…or worse’.


For more information about Breaky Boxes and September Again contact valentine@distrolution.com

Interview by Gary Alikivi  July 2018.