OUT OF THE BLUE (part 2) North American autumn tour planned for punk-folk rocker Greg Rekus


This blog has featured bands that are working with Valentine Kip at French PR company Distrolution. Valentine has just been in touch about Canadian musician Greg Rekus who featured on this blog April 30th. Winnipeg’s Rekus is promoting his latest album ‘Sibling Cities on a huge tour through Canada and the U.S.A. Playing his own unique brand of punk rock-infused folk music….I’m very proud of my records but playing live is where the extra bit of magic between you and the audience lives. My live show is all about the crowd. There have been so many times I’ve played in front of people that don’t really understand English but somehow every time we still connect on some level. My European tour was great! I hit places in the UK, France, Italy and Eastern Europe but also did a few new places like Greece. I also got to tour with some wonderful friends and I was reminded how awesome the DIY scene is. The hospitality in Europe was like no other. For me playing live is everything’.


For more information contact the  official  Greg Rekus website or social media on Facebook/Bandcamp/Twitter.

Contact Valentine direct at valentine@distrolution.com


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