TATTS – ‘Designs for Life’ documentary



Sometimes ideas for films just pop in. Reading a newspaper, listening to music or walking down a street. They can come anytime and if I don’t have my notebook on me I scribble down a few words on the nearest bit of scrap paper. One day I was in my local supermarket getting in some rations when I noticed some workers had tattoo’s. I turned a corner  and there was some more. Little stars of blue ink on arms and wrists. Some with bright colours of red and yellows. Shaded grey faces. It was Summer so staff were wearing short sleeve uniforms making them more visible. But what I noticed was that it wasn’t just men who had the tatts, there were just as many women. I went to the check out and the woman there had a couple of blue and white flowery designs crawling up her arm. Tatts. The one word scribbled on my shopping list. I got back home wrote down a few idea’s in the notebook and another documentary was on the go. On 19th March 2014 Designs For Life was screened in the Library Theatre, South Shields.

Gary Alikivi October 2018.

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