MARTYR TO THE NEW BLOOD – Def-Con-One are back & release new single


With a new line up, British metal band Def-Con-One, featuring ex Venom drummer Antton Lant have released a new single ‘Martyr to the New Blood’. Andy Mallaby bassist with North East deathcore band Osiah mixed and mastered the track in Colossus Studios in Newcastle, UK….

‘Fans and people in the music bizz have responded really well to the new track so I’m buzzing about that and can’t wait to get this band back on the road’ said Antton.

The band have been in the studio writing, rehearsing and recording tracks for the new album, as yet untitled. But promise this to be a killer from start to finish.

‘I’ve been working with Crol for quite a while now and it’s great to work with such a great player and talented musician. I can play guitar as well, so we hit the rehearsal room and jam out some riffs.

We have about twelve tracks for the album. They keep evolving and growing, nothing is set in stone yet. We are still tightening up on a few of them’.

Plans for future live shows include next year’s HRH Metal festival in Birmingham…

‘Last time on stage was HRH 2017 so funnily enough we are carrying on where we left off. There have been a few changes since then.

Since forming the band, the line-up has always been evolving and the chemistry between this line-up could not be better. It took a wee while to get everyone on board, but it was worth the wait for sure’.


Vocals Danny Hagar Jnr (vocals), Guitars Crol ‘Crolossal’ Dunn (guitars)

Brian ‘Sass’ Bell (bass), Antton Lant (drums)

New single Martyr to the New Blood’ out now.

Interview by Gary Alikivi    October 2018.