LIVE IN JAPAN with Rick Bouwman, main man with Dutch Metal Maniacs, MARTYR

Martyr were active for 5 years during the ‘80s recording two albums and appearing on compilation albums released by Roadrunner and Metal Blade. They reformed in 2001, played the European metal circuit and recorded new material. Extensive road work gained a strong fan base leading to a Japanese tour in 2017. When Rick got in touch I asked him what have the band been up to since we last spoke in April 2017….We mainly focused on supporting the ‘You Are Next’ album by playing many live shows in Europe. Also the album was released in Japan followed by a tour in the Land Of The Rising Sun after our big 35th anniversary show in Autumn 2018. A dream come true as we are very much influenced by Japanese metal.

In 2018 we just kept on touring and didn’t cancel one show. We also signed a 2 album contract, there was a 2nd tour in Japan and we released our Live In Japan album over here on Pt78 records and in Japan on Rock Stakk Records with an official Japanese release.


Have there been any changes to the MARTYR line-up ? Normally I would say that it was unfortunate we had some line-up changes but it has turned out for the better. Our current members are really into the style we are developing now, have spirit that we need in the band and are very creative when it comes to their instruments and songwriting. True metalheads too.

Current line up is Rop van Haren (vocals) Rick Boumann (guitars) Rick Valcon (drums) Vinnie Wassink (bass) and Geoffrey Maas (guitars).

Have you mellowed with age ? Hell NO !! Listen to our Live in Japan album, the songs are being performed heavier than ever. Old classic tunes like ‘Speed of Samurai’ and ‘Snow and Fire’ are sounding again like they are supposed to. And the new material we are currently writing, I promise you, will be heavy and more developed than our previous work.

What was the fans reaction in Japan ? The Japanese fans are so awesome. They treat you with so much respect as musicians, are very loyal, buy all the merch at the stand and just love to make pictures of everything you do (laughs).

So far we toured Japan twice, and I must say to perform a song like ‘Speed Of Samurai’ in Japan which is in fact a tribute to Japanese metal written in 1984, is very special to us. Besides the fans reaction to our music, Japan is a beautiful, crazy country and the people are so very lovely and friendly. We love it.

Can you see Martyr going back there ? For sure. We’ve had many requests to return. We have released ‘Live In Japan’ officially over there and are already making plans to hopefully return in 2020.

What have you got planned for the future ? First of all we’ll do our live shows, festivals and headlining club shows, also supporting Exciter and other bands. We’ll perform in Germany, Holland, Belgium, UK and Austria for sure and are working on more dates. We are aiming for more festivals in 2020.

Also we are in the writing process for a new album that we are aiming to release in 2020. Very soon a new live video from one of the shows in Japan will be released and for touring as I said we hope to return to Japan, with China and Australia in future plans.

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Interview by Gary Alikivi August 2019.