GIVE THEM A LEADER – New single out now from Electro:Goth:Punks, Calling All Astronauts


March 2018 was the last time I featured Calling All Astronauts. Now 2 year later Grammy Award winning producer Alan Branch (NIN, U2, Depeche Mode) has worked on their new single ‘Give Them a Leader’. How did working with Alan come about ? Alan is an old school friend of Paul’s, when we thought we’d finished mixing it Paul sent him a copy to have a listen, and Alan very kindly came round to my house and gave me a crash course in mixing like a Grammy winning producer. He mixed ‘Give Them A Leader’ while he was demonstrating to me, although he subsequently mixed it again. He gave me loads of tips and help, the album sounds fantastic thanks to him.

Is there a story behind the single ? Yeah, we see politicians from the far right and the far left fighting it out, when what the majority of people want, is a leader that looks after education, the weak, the poor, the elderly, that doesn’t treat the global corporations like Gods, but encourages people to be aspirational.


Formed in 2013 CAA are David.B (Vocals, Programming, Keys, Producing), Paul McCrudden (Bass, Guitar, Keys), and J Browning (Guitar). They released their debut album Post Modern Conspiracy in 2013, their second album, Anti-Social Network was released in 2016. New album ‘Resist’ is released on Friday 5th June, where did you record it ?  We recorded it in the studio in my house, we spent around 3,000 hours making it, we’d be in hock for the rest of our lives if we’d gone outside to write and record it. We are very happy with it, every album we make we learn from the mistakes on the previous one, and hopefully improve.

What inspires you to write songs ? By watching the news and social media, I am a bit obsessive over politics, and find the empowerment of the far right and nationalists abhorrent, this is what inspires my lyrics.

What is the impact of the Coronavirus on the CAA plans ? It’s actually blown our plans totally out of the water. We are just going to play it by ear for the time being, and see how the singles and album go before making a decision. When people are dying, whether or not you are playing live shows really doesn’t matter.

As well as features on radio stations worldwide, the electro punks played festivals Kendal Calling, Guilfest, Beautiful Days, and opened for bands like Pop Will Eat Itself. Have you gained a following ? Yes, but when you consider the music we make, it’s quite a small pond to be a fairly popular fish in. We definitely haven’t crossed over to the mainstream yet, though that isn’t on our radar, we just enjoy making what we consider to be good tunes.

New single ‘Give Them a Leader’ out now via Supersonic Media.

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Interview by Gary Alikivi  March 2020.