APPLE OF OUR EYES with radio presenter & author Nigel Pearce

Radio Presenter Nigel Pearce has released a book on the products of Apple, the company originally founded by The Beatles in 1966…..

The Apple group delved into Records, Films, Publishing, Electronics, Retail, Studios and until now it has been hard to find a complete listing of what actually was done under this banner.

Take a look and discover what Frank Sinatra recorded for Apple along with just about everybody from the scene at the time.

What inspired you to write the book ?

The inspiration was quite simple really apart from The Beatles recordings themselves, nobody ever mentions Apple Records, and what the company originally stood for as ‘a foundation for the arts’.

Knowing a fair bit through my own research, I started to dig a little deeper and wow the info started coming.

Also knowing musician Pete Dodds was a huge spur, because his efforts have gone very largely unrewarded, so I thought that would be a real bonus too. So, with those two reasons being central, I began my quest.

How long did it take to research and write ? 

The whole project took me about a year, due to the checking, and rechecking to quantify everything properly, then finding the correct prose and photographs and finally interesting a publisher.

It all takes time and mounts up to an astonishing degree, which then takes on a whole new ball game and becomes much more than a personal quest.

But overall, I feel satisfied as this will alert more people to what Apple did, and maybe that was the main reasons why the name was pirated, you never know.

Is this your first book ? 

I have written two previous books on Aviation, which has nothing to do with the music scene or The Beatles, both now sadly out of print. The publisher for this book The Apples of our Eyes is United p.c.

Did you find any interesting facts when researching the book ? 

There are many surprising and staggering facts uncovered, and that makes the whole scenario that much more incredible in the whole scheme of things. The vision that the fab four had was so far forward thinking for the time, that they are all the more incredible now in 2020.

Perhaps it was their united vision that caused so many problems, no-one could keep a handle on things.

What are you working on now ? 

Several very interesting projects including Pete Dodds new album, and unearthing some more unknown gems from several quarters including Splinter

1970’s North East band signed to Dark Horse, George Harrison’s label. Check out their 1974 hit song ‘Costafine Town’.

Also continuing with the radio show Groove Britain, which is now in its seventh year, all hard work.

Where is the book available ? 

The book is available on Amazon and from all good booksellers so seek it out and enjoy. Go on take a slice and see how much of those halcyon days of the ‘60s still reverberate in our lives.

After all The Beatles gave so much to lighten up all our lives, and you know that can’t be bad.

Listen to Nigel, who is based in Norwich, broadcast for Groove Britain, now in its seventh continuous year and growing.

Find Future radio at 107.8FM. The show is a two hour programme that goes out every Sunday at 3pm, also broadcasts for Swindon 105.5FM on a Tues/Wed/Thurs at 1pm with repeats in the early hours.

Also broadcast for Radio Stockton FM and UK Radio via Carol Miller in New York City Q104.3FM and on Soundcloud.

Interview by Alikivi  April 2020.

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