New single from Calling All Astronauts  

Divided States Of America sees London based electro-goth-punks in their lab cooking up a noxious potion of sneering punk with a heavy mix of rap and metal. The video drops in American TV news clips of burning flags, cars, and chaos on the streets – all hacked together under 3 minutes.

Moulding together a huge sound clash between Nine Inch Nails and Killing Joke, I asked David B (vox/keys/production) have they been an influence ? Both of them have been a massive influence on us. I saw NIN when they first played at The Astoria and then six months later my mates were in a band called Pig, and toured with them, so I got to see them several times. I’ve always loved Killing Joke, I think they are the most underrated band ever. They still make amazing albums 40 years after they started, and my mate Reza plays keys for them.

Why do you feel strongly about the state of the USA and the current resident of The White House. Is there anything to like about President Trump ? I feel Trump started this rise of the right with some of the dodgy alliances he did, and it paved the way for Boris to ape it in Britain, people like that embrace everything I find abhorrent in society.

Before teaming up again as Calling All Astronauts the band members worked on various projects. J Browning (guitarist) pounded the road on USA and European tours as a member of Pop-Punkers Caffeine, sharing stages with The Offspring, Blink 182, AFI and Rancid.

Bassist Paul McCrudden joined goth stalwarts The Marionettes headlining festivals and shows throughout Europe. While David taught himself to be a record producer. How did that go ? I was very lucky to have two mates who had produced a lot of well-known albums, and they were both happy for me to ring them and ask questions – so I did. I also watched countless tutorials on you tube by big name producers.

I think I was getting close on our second album, but on the third our latest, Resist, I had a stroke of luck. Paul (bass/guitars/keys) had known Alan Branch (double Grammy winner/ NIN, Depeche Mode, U2) since they were teenagers, Paul played him some of the tracks, and Alan came over to my place and gave me a one on one crash course in mixing.

When we were in the studio recording the new single my 3 year old daughter Daisy makes her musical debut. Alan was mixing the track and asked me to record a straight version of the chorus for the end. Daisy heard me doing the lines over and over and proceeded to run round the studio singing the chorus, a mic was quickly handed to her and the rest is history.

Check out the results on Divided States Of America released via Supersonic Media on September 18th 2020.   

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Interview by Alikivi   September 2020