New single released by pop/punk outfit Caffeine
2020 sees the return of London based Caffeine with new single She’s A Knockout. Guitarist J and bass/vocals, Scott McKewan, got in touch and talked about the new single…She’s a Knockout’ is about trying to get up when you’re at your lowest point. There’s bit of a juxtaposition going on as lyrically it’s a cry for help, but musically it’s a call to arms’.  

At the beginning of the noughties the band were playing Wembley Arena, touring with The Offspring, The Dickies, Rancid and Blink 182. They released two albums and toured America three times… Touring the States was incredible’ said J ‘We ended up going back and forth and never took it for granted. The scrapes we got into and the stories are pretty endless’. Have you got one that tops the list ? ‘I think giving away our entire back line of guitars, bass and amps to the crowd at the last American Bamboozle festival we played was the craziest thing we must have done. I remember handing my Ibanez to this 12 year old, I’d never seen an EMO kid so ecstatic. The things you do on tour eh!’  

In 2006 Caffeine went on hiatus, Scott formed The Candle Thieves and J started Calling All Astronauts… ‘Back then Caffeine were an incredibly hard working band’ said J ‘We played everywhere in the UK umpteen times and were constantly touring. When the U.S thing happened we perhaps concentrated too much on trying to get a foot in the door over there. The UK scene and venues were changing and the time felt right that we needed a break’.   Scott added ‘Definitely. From what I remember there was no big falling out, it was more like a natural progression at the time. As J said we’d been lucky enough to tour America a lot but it perhaps felt like we’d done all we could for that point in our lives’.   

Are you working on new material ? ’We are! It’s been so cool picking up the guitars again’ said Scott. ‘To be honest though me and J are so close that even if we put down the guitars and just hang out it’s a win-win situation. We’re recording in the U.K with Andy Hawkins at The Nave Studios producing it. He recorded our stuff back in the day and we’ve always trusted his production. The record should see the light of day early 2021’.   
She’s A Knockout is released via Supersonic media on September 25th 2020.   Contact the band:

Interview by Alikivi  September 2020.