New single from Calling All Astronauts.

On the same dial as Killing Joke/Nine Inch Nails/Faith No More, London based electro goths Calling All Astronauts release their fifth single during the Covid 19 pandemic on November 6th. CAA first featured on the blog in ‘Space Cadets’ 19th March 2018.

I asked David B (Vox/Keys/Production) what inspired him to write the song ? I’m an avid social media watcher, and some of the most vile people I come across claim to be Trump supporters and Christians. They seem to worship money more than they do the teachings of their God. The Holy Trinity is a full on volley aimed straight at the Evangelicals who appear to use the Bible to push their far right agenda.

This is our first single that doesn’t feature J on guitar. Half way through writing our third album #Resist, J had a family crisis and bravely had to take a temporary step back from the band to look after his family. So me and Paul forged on writing and recording as a duo. The single was mixed by double Grammy winner Alan Branch.

What are the plans now with shows being cancelled by Covid ? Every six weeks we’ll just keep releasing a new mix of a track from our latest album #Resist and hope we don’t have to sell our musical equipment to pay the bills!

Contact the band on social media:





Calling All Astronauts are: J Browning – Guitars.

David B – Vox, Keys, Production. Paul McCrudden – Bass, Guitars, keys.

Interview by Gary Alikivi  October 2020.

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