with John Gallagher from Chief Headbangers, RAVEN

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Back in September I wrote about Metal City the new album from Raven….

’The Chief Headbangers have tooled up heavy. They’re carrying the torch, or flying V, for metal into the future. On this evidence Raven consolidate their title of Chief Headbangers… Any contenders?’

The week of the album release saw my social media timeline bunged up with Metal City reviews streaming out media outlets like a virus. The word was out.  

Czech, Italian, Dutch and especially the number of German reviews dialled in. Ears were popping across the globe. This record was making all the right noises. And Fast.

‘In a class of their own’ (Classic Rock)…‘Metal City is an explosive and exhausting affair’ (Metal Hammer)…‘Raven remind fans that they were one of the early progenitors of the thrash/speed metal’ (Metal Express)…’A definite contender for album of the year’ (Frenzy Fire).

I got in touch with Raven main man John Gallagher and asked him about the response to Metal City…

‘The reaction to the album has been overwhelming really. Basically, every review has been positive and more importantly the fans ‘get it’ and it’s reaching new listeners too which is great!

We are also gonna’ put out another video within the next two weeks so that’s something to watch out for!’

If you haven’t got your copy of Metal City what yer waiting for !

Check the official website for latest merch/albums/video/tour news:

Raven | Official Raven Lunatics Website

Alikivi  November 2020.