LOVEHEART – with Emma ‘Velvet Tones of Teesside’ Wilson

Emma first appeared on the blog in May 2019 talking about her early influences…

’I learned a lot about performing and technical stuff in those early years. That’s when I developed my big voice. It was no more chirping from me. It was get big or get off!’

This week Emma has just released a new four track EP…

I was lucky to be able to get to the studio for one afternoon between Lockdowns and recorded the vocals for the EP, Loveheart. As with my last EP Feelgood, Dean Stockdale recorded his beautiful piano parts from home.

There are four songs on the EP and they have a theme. I lived in London away from my North East family for years where I met many good friends who now are scattered around the world.

This year has made me reflect on life’s complex human relationships and how precious they are.

Won’t Be Long (J Leslie McFarland) The version I know is by Aretha and one of my favourites by her, I love the rhythm of the track – like a train.

I Needed Somebody (Ann Peebles/ Don Bryant) You know I love Ann Peebles and this in one of her more heart breaking songs.

Border Song (Bernie Taupin/Elton John) Again I know Aretha’s version she called it Border Song (Holy Moses), I only realised it was by Elton and Bernie when I came to do the credits. Aretha puts the life into it. I hope to do it justice.

Need Your Love So Bad (‘Little Willie’ John/ Mertis John Jr) Wow I love Little Willie, his story is incredible. I know this song has been covered a lot but I wanted to give it a go, hoping to look back to Willies original style.

Loveheart EP will be available to download on all digital sites 14th December 2020 and all hard copies of my music are available at

What have you got planned for next year Emma ?

Rest assured the Siren album is cooking away nicely – looking forward to the album being released in 2021.

Hope you enjoy the EP and I’m wishing you all the best for Christmas and 2021 – I can’t wait to be back on the road!

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Alikivi   December 2020.