Roksnaps are photographs taken by fans which captured the atmosphere of concerts in the North East during the late ‘70s and early ‘80s.

Already posted are fan pix of Motorhead, Fist, Penetration, The Damned, Whitesnake, Tygers of Pan Tang and much more.

Gig t-shirt’s, programme’s and autographs were hunted down to collect as souvenirs – and some people took photograph’s of meeting their musical heroes.

One fan who kept his pics and shared them on the blog is Wavis O’Shave.

On some days when I got bored I’d pop out to see visiting music celebs for a bit of fun, and settle for having a nice cup of tea with them and take a snap – not a ginger one.

I’ve met dozens of ‘big names’ on such days, accumulating dozens of pix and autographs – that’s wot you do, yeah? Here’s a few I managed to find.

A bit of rock royalty – Eric Claphands and pal on his way into a soundcheck. At the show that night they had to carry him out after every two numbers for air to wake him. He looked comatose.

I made friends with Rod Stewart in 1973 after reluctantly giving him my Denis Law scrapbook backstage, so bumped into him a lot yet never got my pic taken with him. He’d send me an autographed album with a message in it on my birthdays – although I already had them.

I had one of only five ever pressed copies of a 7” ‘The Skye Boat Song’. I bet I’m still the only person he ever signed an album for whilst on stage. Here he is at a show at Newcastle City hall in ’76. 

Ronnie Lane left the Faces to be a gypsy – nice pic, ever nicer bloke. I later surprised an available version of the Small Faces during their reunion tour, at a Holiday Inn.

Who’s that? Oh it’s rough and ready for action Roger after sticking out his barrel chest and rescuing me from an unfriendly hotel door man. I had a habit of attracting them. I thought he was going to hit him – Roger hitting the doorman not ‘tuther way round! Pete Townsend turned up separately, caught him at the airport. Nobody recognised him but me.

Here’s another from Freddie Mercury who kept calling me ‘Dear’ and below him David Bowie. (more Queen & Bowie on Roksnaps #8)

Shame I’ve lost so many pix. It’s strange meeting folk whom you’ve only seen in glossy mags or on telly, but, hey, they wee just like we do y’know.

All Pix copyright; O’Shave

If you have any pix from gigs or meeting musical heroes just get in touch and share them on Roksnaps.

Alikivi   January 2021.