HAVE YOU BEEN ZIMMERED ? North East link to legendary film music composer, Hans Zimmer.

These days the term legend is thrown around far too often and cheaply, but special when deserved, in this case for film music composer Hans Zimmer, the rock star of scoring Hollywood movies.

But what’s the North East link ? While researching Durham born record producer Trevor Horn I found a link between him and Zimmer.

In the music video for Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles in 1979, Horn is playing bass and two men are on keys, one being Horn’s song writing partner Geoff Downes, the other is a young Zimmer. The song hit number one and was first music video to be played on MTV.

Zimmer on the set of the music video for ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’.

Zimmer’s early work varied from co-producing History of the World Part 1 by UK punk band The Damned, who included the track on their 1980 LP, The Black Album. Captain Sensible said… ‘Yeah we gave him his first big break in showbiz. We also gave him a hard time. He was a bit of a megalomaniac in the studio. Perfect for us’.

Remember the 1980’s TV game show Going for Gold ? Zimmer wrote the theme tune for that. In a BBC interview he said… It’s the sort of stuff you do when you don’t have a career yet. I just felt so lucky because this paid my rent’.

Hollywood came calling with Rain Man starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, then The Lion King happened At first I didn’t want to do it, I thought I can’t write fairy tale animated music but that’s why they wanted me’.

I was first Zimmered after watching the American war film The Thin Red Line (1999). Journey to the Line has become an iconic piece of Zimmer’s work.

South Shields born film director Ridley Scott.

The link from the Buggles/Trevor Horn is a bit flimsy so a more concrete North East link to Zimmer is in the 2000’s when he worked with South Shields born film director Ridley Scott on Gladiator, Black Hawk Down and Hannibal.

Zimmer can also list Hollywood blockbusters Mission Impossible, Inception and Pirates of the Caribbean. Would some of the films we’ve seen have had the same impact without his music ? I doubt it.

Zimmer also writes for TV – the 2018 World Cup theme, Blue Planet 2 and The Crown receiving the smooth, silky glossy treatment, currently his work features on the new James Bond film No Time to Die.

Throughout his career Zimmer has received Grammy and Golden Globes one which he shared in 2001 for the dreamy opening film sequence with haunting vocals by Lisa Gerrard in Gladiator.

Zimmer said of the piece …’It had to be a woman’s voice, the only way it worked was because of Lisa. It gave a little more licence to the rest of the movie to be more poetic, more expansive’.

Sky Arts are screening an orchestral performance of his work, Hollywood in Vienna 2018 featuring Queen of the Opera – Lisa Gerrard, resplendent in red velvet belting it out on a stage bathed in orange fire light and video projections, chandeliers decorated the opulent concert hall, and at the end a kiss for the crowd – follow that.

A set list including goth/trance of The Dark Knight add extra atmosphere to fantastic pieces of soundtrack music, on Dark Knight check out Like a Dog Chasing Cars, it has a menacing undertow with crackling rhythm heralding in a triumphant swell – trust me it’s epic.

Poster from the movie Dunkirk with actor Tom Hardy as the Spitfire pilot. The film was directed by Christopher Nolan.

The latest movie I watched that had a huge blast of Zimmer was Christopher Nolan’s war film Dunkirk. So good I saw it twice.

The soundtrack on CD alone is a killer, crank up Supermarine – it’s where the lightning strikes. Sound rushes up to the max and washes over you in waves, by the end of the track I nearly spat out me popcorn.

To bring yer heart rate down, why not try Time on the Inception film soundtrack, the orchestra mix is a total sob-fest. Johnny Marr (The Smiths) featured in Time on the Live in Prague cd.

Zimmer, who was in the Vienna audience all night, finally makes an appearance on stage walking through the orchestra playing guitar and living up to his title of the rock star of film music.

Zimmer said ‘I’m still hunting down the great tune that I’ve never written. It’s somewhere out there, that’s what makes me get up in the morning.

When I play you a piece of music I completely expose myself and that’s a scary moment. I love what I do even when I sit there tearing my hair out. I still wouldn’t trade it for anything else’.

You’ve been Zimmered. The undisputed king. A legend.

Alikivi   February 2021.

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