STRANGE DAYS part 1/2 – with author & broadcaster of the unexplained, Dan Green

Stories of UFO’s, Poltergeists and fairies featured on this blog back in October 2019 and are worth checking out after you have read this latest interview with Dan Green. (links below)

To find out more about Green and his research into the unexplained I asked him, did you witness an incident when you were young ?

Weird stuff started happening to me once I hit 10, at the time in 1967 I was living in South Shields that had just received three credible and high profile unexplained UFO sightings over the Tyne Dock area of the town.

Newspaper article from The Shields Gazette.

At the time I was living in a house with a ‘presence’, and I experienced a ‘vanishing dart’. One night during a family game of darts – I pulled my arm back to throw the dart held in my hand and it just wasn’t there. My parents searched the room for about an hour.

I had incidents late at night with the bottom of my bed shaking violently when I was in it, and once when I was playing Subbuteo on the floor with a school friend, the entire bathroom shook, and he ran off.

When in bed I experienced what is termed ‘night terrors’ or ‘sleep paralysis’ when a vision of some dead flowers resurrect in front of me into full bloom.

Psychologists would deem such an account as hallucinatory as they would my first Out Of Body Experience when I spontaneously left my body travelling at an incredible speed into space, everything in my peripheral vision blurring.

Frightened, I suddenly arrived back in my body – and this was all before school ! Years later I began to have occasional OOBE’s.

My mother would take me to Beach Road Spiritualist Church for company. I couldn’t grasp that here I was witnessing ‘messages from the dead’ in a day when science said there was no such thing. It couldn’t be this easy could it ?

Coming to a small church in amongst a lot of generally elderly people communicating with the dead so matter of fact. Succeeding where science failed?

Was it these experiences that led you to researching the subject ?

The best researchers begin as sceptics, rather like the ABC employed by the CID police  – ‘A’ Accept nothing, ‘B’ Believe nobody and ‘C’ Check everything. When you have your own direct experiences like I did, it gives you a head start and they become your personal knowledge, not a belief. But a knowledge of what?

When I was 25 I investigated an area at the back of South Shields Marine & Technical College fields. On old maps it had originally been called ‘Fair Fields’. One day I had some casual photos taken there in the flora and fauna, where you could discern what looked like classic folklore fairies.

These creatures have a habit of being seen in cultures all over the world but here I was seeing the classic European representation. I wondered if the place name had in time been corrupted from ‘Fairy field’?

More pic’s were taken and more entities showed up. Psychologist’s rightly point out the phenomena of pareidolia – where we can see shapes and faces in random patterns. But they seem to think that’s that, ruling out the possibility of both pareidolia and evidence of entities manifesting.

It’s a shame that with advances in technology and tools like Photoshop photographic evidence is less acceptable now as its so easy to fake stuff – You Tube is full of UFO fake footage. Why do humans enjoy being so deceptive?

Did you talk about this to friends ?

Some friends could see the figures others couldn’t. If people haven’t had an experience of their own they are usually sceptical but if they have, they are usually interested.

It helps if they have some knowledge of psychiatry, psychology and neuroscience which is the natural investigative starting point of trying to rationalise. Most of my mates didn’t.

The much respected Dr Vernon Harrison, former President of the Royal Photography Society examined my fairy pic’s on behalf of the Association for the Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP), and could see the entities and declared the negatives untouched.

He was interested in coming up to Shields to take his own photos but the ASSAP wouldn’t fund the trip. In 1989 Joe Cooper, the fellow who eventually exposed the world famous ‘Cottingley Fairies’ hoax visited my home for advice.

His book was at his Publishers supporting the Cottingley photos when he’d just found out they were fakes. He settled for the possibility that at least one was genuine – it wasn’t.

I laugh when people say, ‘I don’t believe in ghosts’ or ‘I don’t believe in UFO’s’, acting like there’s no such things. Well, they are out there, it’s what they are we need to be knowing.

I once spent some days in an alleged haunted derelict asylum and had my own experiences that defied the comfortable, framed paradigm of psychologists, and experienced my own knowledge of a ‘something’ unexplainable otherwise.

Does the unexplained cause sleepless nights where you are left wondering what it is you have just witnessed ?

In 1977 I started my life long association with deep profound Tibetan meditation under the patronage of lama teachers. It opened up whole new worlds of possibilities involving the nature of reality, perception and levels of consciousness, which appears to be the key to all things currently unexplained.

Science gives you its rigid, restrictive and dull explanations from the conclusions based on their current findings but in time they may find they hadn’t got it right. The mystery of the brain and its abilities are still beyond all of us.

I don’t lose sleep over anything, in fact sleep is a great place to start experimenting – trying to induce OOBE experiences, lucid dreaming, pursue mythological archetypes as outlined by Jung – I’ve met the Greek god figure Pan, and traverse the realms of the Unconscious Mind.

The only thing I do wonder about is whether the human race were genetically engineered by some other advanced beings that may have observed their handiwork for a while and then lost interest and left us to our own devices. Does that sound so crazy? No.

And if you look hard enough there appears to be traces of evidence across the globe left behind by our architects. Sadly though, it might also be possible that the human race is a failed experiment.

In the second part of this interview Dan talks about an experience he will never forget ‘It was a game changer and is unlikely ever to be topped in the unexplained stakes’.

And a puzzling event in which ‘I’ve had two experiences of so-called ‘dead’ people announcing they are still living in an alternate time and space’.

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