STRANGE DAYS part 2/2 – with author & broadcaster of the unexplained, Dan Green

In part one Dan talked about his experiences of investigating the unexplained. To dig deeper I asked him if he shared these experiences with anyone else ?

I often share experiences, investigations and findings are with like-minded persons or with well-known respected authors and writers, psychologists and physicists. We are all investigators at heart and it’s logical to pool ideas to seek out patterns.

I also discovered there is a tangible connection between Eastern Buddhist’s search for enlightenment and the unfolding and ongoing evolution of the autistic consciousness, as evidenced in the common aspiration of turning within, detachment and elaborate ritual.

My wife, who has Aspergers and Savant abilities, can ‘dip’ into her ‘Department’ and be presented with info she couldn’t possibly know.

This is rather like people with a ’psychic’ ability who can access accurate info for people they shouldn’t have, although I think a lot of psychics unwittingly and innocently read the minds of others with an unconscious form of telepathy.

Where do you think these findings are leading us ?

People still don’t seem to know that the vast amount of evidence we have from all over the world clearly outline that there is much we do not understand about what we call ‘psychic experiences’ which encompass weird UFO, fairy, angelic episodes across the globe.

Neurology says they are but hallucinatory then walk away, but they don’t really know enough about what precipitates, and what a hallucination actually does or is.

It might even open the doorway to another realm through an altered state of consciousness and not just be a fiction of the brain. Physics currently haven’t found evidence of other dimensions, but if they are out there – and why not – it would be the answer to most of the unexplained.

There are lots of tireless and honest researchers out there, some who have dedicated their lives to searching, none of them are stupid people, but who made the decision that they didn’t want to be academically qualified.

So when they have compiled strong evidence they submit to the ‘experts’, the authorities, the heavily qualified, who by nature of where we stand right now, means they receive it as a sceptic.

The unwritten rule is that only they can make discoveries, the very ones they don’t want to make.

Throughout all your experiences has there been one that stands out ?

I didn’t seek out the unexplained, but throughout my life it has this habit of tapping me on the shoulder. It was therefore natural that I would become my own investigator. Listening to other people’s stories is helpful but you can’t beat having your own.

All my encounters with strangeness culminated in a close encounter with a UFO (now called Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) in France in 1986 when strange ‘psychic’ events brought about a series of ‘arranged situations’. There were three other witnesses.

It was a game changer and is unlikely ever to be topped in the unexplained stakes. It certainly wasn’t a man-made object. Witnessing it got me into lots of official trouble and that’s about as much as I’m going to share on that one other than since the encounter, experiencing frequent Jungian synchronicities is a way of life. 

A thought image created by Ted Serios.

People talk of something strange happening out there, what is out there ?

There is no doubt that there is ‘something’ going on out there, a vast ‘something’  that certainly has an intelligence and can probably account for all aspects of the unexplained.

Neurology and the brain are part of the mystery but for the experts in science that is where they close the door. They say when the brain dies, so do you. End of story.

I personally have had two experiences of so-called ‘dead’ people announcing they are still living in an alternate time and space, and both experiences defy the stock explanations of psychologist’s who would dismiss it as hallucinatory.

In 2020 I said jokingly to top psychologist Dr Susan Blackmore, ‘Well, why not believe in a life after death because if there isn’t one you won’t be around to look stupid’ She replied, ‘I couldn’t kid myself even if I wanted to’.

This is the sort of rigidity you come up against when pitted against the current findings from the world of science.

I do respect their research and opinions but if they are honest they have to allow for how new breakthroughs in neurology and physics could eventually one day change it all.

Newspaper report from The Shields Gazette.

Finally, what would you say to a sceptic reading this ?

There is still much we don’t know about hidden capacities of our planet  – ley line energies being one – and the hidden potential of the human condition. Without knowing those we don’t know nearly enough. It’s all about wanting to understand.

If you come to my house you’ll see bones here and there, all over the floor. That might look a bit disconcerting until you realise I have two pet puppy dogs.

Life itself is the one big mystery. Why we have it, and why we are here. If the experts are honest enough they will have to concede that we are still left in the main with guesswork. Why can’t my guess be as good as yours? Life, in its entirety, is one big profundity.

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Interview by Alikivi   March 2021.