Is the Raven Metal Machine ready to bust a gut and get back out on the road again ? John Gallagher let’s rip with a short, sharp message to the Raven Lunatics in America…

**** absolutely, we can’t wait to get into that groove, getting out there and go nuts.  It’s been way too long and people need a dose of good music!

When was the last time the band gigged ?  

We played the Alcatraz festival in Belgium on August 15 which was the first gig we played since the Monsters of Rock cruise in February 2020. So it’s been 18 month between shows and we played ‘The Power’ from the Metal City album too – it was a great gig for us.

Will the set list be made up from the recent album ‘Metal City’ ?  

We will do three or four Metal City tracks and a selection of older tunes a few of which we haven’t played in a zillion years so that’s gonna be fun!

Are you stopping off in any towns you’ve never played ?

The States is so big there’s always somewhere new to play! Petaluma, California and Lincoln, Nebraska to name just two.

The ‘Metal City’ 20+ date tour stops off in cities including Akron, Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, San Diego, Salt Lake City and Brooklyn.

If you are going to see the band leave a message and include comments about the gig and where you saw them.

For up to date info & merch check the website:

Raven | Official Raven Lunatics Website

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