CRAMLINGTON TRAIN WRECKERS FILM EVENT with South Shields playwright, Ed Waugh

Cramlington Train Wreckers.

A talk about the Cramlington Train Wreckers was held last month at Cramlington Hub, Northumberland (see post 16th March 2023).

The Wreckers were a group of striking miners who uncoupled a train full of blackleg miners in the General Strike of 1926.

Organiser & South Shields playwright Ed Waugh got in touch about the talks…

“The Wreckers meetings went great, the support for the talk was overwhelming with more than 160 people turning up”.

“The latest news about the Cramlington Train Wreckers is that we’ve secured rights to the 30-minute BBC film ‘Yesterday’s Witness’ made in 1970. We’ll be showing it this summer on Wednesday, July 26 at 2pm and 6.30pm”.

“The event will also have a speaker and hopefully songs plus more recitations – it’ll rock. Due to demand for tickets to the March 30th talks, the events are guaranteed to sell out. So not to be disappointed, I’d advise you to get your tickets early, they are only £3 each”.

To purchase tickets for Wednesday, July 26 @ 2pm or 6.30pm at The Hub, Cramlington contact:



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