SOUL TRAIN – with South Shields born singer & songwriter Vincent Edwards

From his home in Germany, singer &  songwriter Vincent Edwards has been looking back at his 1970’s chart pop singles. Recent posts have featured stories behind Right Back Where We Started From, Love Hit Me and Run for the Sun. European audiences have been kind to Edwards with many re-releases of his records in Belgium, Italy and Germany.

Edwards was born and brought up in the seaside town of South Shields in the North East of England. After hearing Sam Cooke on the radio he knew what he wanted to do with his life and went for an audition at a youth club to be a singer.

I was in a band called The Invictors, who were a Shields band, and they evolved into The Answers where I played drums and was singer. We played a lot of soul and blues, our lead guitarist Tony Hill wrote the songs. We learnt our trade working on American military bases in France, that was around ’63 to ’66. We played a lot around the UK including London and getting over to Paris, plus Shields of course.

We were living in London and recorded two records for Columbia records in the UK. Just a Fear was recorded at Central Studios in London, it was heavily played on the pirate stations in 1966. The second single That’s What You’re Doing to Me, was recorded in a studio in Putney, South London. It’s a bit softer than the first and again it was played a lot on pirate radio. We recorded both in three hours including the b sides. Our record producer was Jimmy Duncan, the brother of late singer Leslie Duncan.

Stockton born Leslie Duncan’s most notable work was during the 1970’s when she performed backing vocals or wrote songs for musicians including Elton John, Dusty Springfield, Scott Walker and Pink Floyd. The next post will look at the music career of Duncan more closely.

At the time we were managed by Tony Stratton-Smith who was also looking after The Kubers and Creation. As for promotion I can’t remember any TV then, that came later.

A former sports journalist, Tony Stratton-Smith is best known as founder of independent label Charisma Records in 1969. He released records by The Nice, Lindisfarne, Genesis, and Monty Python’s comedy albums.

Vincent Edwards.

Eventually we drifted apart but stayed good friends. Tony is living in south London playing in a band called Friction. Our bass player Bob Calder who became sound engineer for the musical Hair, sadly he’s passed away. I’ve lost touch with Ron our second guitarist. I’m still writing and a track I wrote, Soul Train, you never know somebody might record it.

‘Just a Fear’  (link below) has been called a ‘bona fide freakbeat classic with incisive, driving raga-like fretwork from Tony Hill, it’s a dance floor stomper, pounding drums and frenetic finish with soulful vocals from Vincent Edwards’.

The Answers – It’s Just A Fear – 1966 45rpm – YouTube

Interview from August 2020: BACK WHERE HE STARTED FROM with singer & songwriter Vinny Edwards | ALIKIVI (

Interview by Gary Alikivi  May 2021.

RUN TO THE SUN with South Shields born singer & songwriter Vincent Edwards

Originally from South Shields, but for the past 26 years living in Germany, singer & songwriter Vincent Edwards first featured on the blog back in August 2020 talking about his music career (link below). 

Notably his 1975 top 10 UK chart hit, and in 1976 a USA #2 with ‘Right Back Where We Started From’ sung by British soul singer Maxine Nightingale. In this post Edwards looks back to another of his singles.

I was in the London show Hair and had a record out from it called Aquarius, on United Artists. At the same time a song Run to the Sun was written with a very dear friend and writing partner Pierre Tubbs back in ’68. We recorded it first under the name Owl in Central Sound studio, Denmark Street, London. It became a bit of a cult amongst the hippy generation.

During my time in Hair I signed to CBS records and my first record for them came about with the help of Richard Harris.

(Irish stage & screen actor, sang McArthur Park a hit in UK & USA 1968. The song is better known for the Donna Summer hit).

He had seen me in the show, we got together and I played him Run to the Sun, I thought he would like it. He did and we re-recorded the song in London’s Pye studios with his brother and good soul Dermot Harris producing.

CBS pushed the promotion around Europe where the record charted in most countries especially Holland and Belgium. It still gets played quite a bit on ‘Blast from the Past’ radio stations. The music video was filmed on a beach in Holland at 8am. It was pretty cold but I was used to it having spent my childhood on South Shields beach. Happy days, great memories.

Check it on this You Tube link.

Run to the Sun – J.Vincent Edwards – YouTube

Interview from August 2020BACK WHERE HE STARTED FROM with singer & songwriter Vinny Edwards | ALIKIVI (

Chart information from Discogs.

Interview by Gary Alikivi  May 2021.